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Sulla Strada (meaning On The Road) is a nonprofit, volunteer organization defending and promoting the rights of children around the world, mostly in Guatemala and Italy.

In Italy we carry out projects to support families in distress through food aid, psychological support and temporary shelter. In Angola, in the city of Lubango, we built a home for children who were either homeless or living in difficult family situations and a well for drinking water. In Costa Rica we supported the BrìBrì and Caberkar communities, strongly discriminated indigenous peoples living in reserves that lack all basic services: we have built infrastructures, created gathering places and agricultural cooperatives, and carried out activities to combat marginalization and alcohol abuse.

Our most important effort, however, is toward the village of La Granadilla, Guatemala, where we stand by Mayan children living in extreme poverty, in isolation and forced to work from an early age to contribute to the family economy. Theirs is a very dangerous job: in fact, the main activity in the area is the hand making of firecrackers and fireworks, so adults and children handle gunpowder without any protection or safety training, directly in their own homes. Gunpowder covers everything from the work table to the bedding for the night, and can explode at any moment. So many, too many, children are badly burned and seriously injured by the frequent explosions that, in just a moment, wipe out their homes, their families, their lives.

For these children, we built a school where they can fully experience their childhood, learn and open their minds to build up their identity and discover their dreams.

We started a school canteen because nobody can learn on an empty stomach.

We installed a medical outpatient clinic that offers health care to a population otherwise forgotten by local authorities.

Foto scuola

Ours is a very long road, the final goal is still far away but we are sure that we are getting closer and closer: on the horizon awaits a future in which the children of La Granadilla village will no longer have to work but will happily attend school, be healthy, and develop their full potential to become masters of their own lives.

Our strength lies on the fact we are not alone, we have many friends who have chosen to share this journey with us.

The RomeHello is definitely one of the most important. This amazing Solidarity Hostel supports the children of Guatemala in so many ways: they host our fundraising events in their beautiful courtyard, the leaders have come with us to Guatemala to actively contribute to our volunteer missions, and most importantly, they have supported us with generous donations to fund some projects!

For example, they helped us building a NEW KINDERGARTEN FOR OUR SCHOOL ABUELITA AMELIA PAVONI! 👇

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Inaugurazione asilo
Inaugurazione asilo

In 2022, we launched a campaign to build 2 new classrooms at our Abuelita Amelia Pavoni School to host the kindergarten. In fact, enrollments are growing at Abuelita Amelia Pavoni School and the classrooms are becoming ever more crowded. For this reason, we have devoted an area of the school entirely to the kindergarten: our youngest pupils need a space that is just theirs, where they can play safely, learn their ABCs, become familiar with this new reality, school, that will accompany them for many years, the most important ones for learning and growth.

Work on the construction of the kindergarten began in April 2023. Thanks to the decisive contribution of the RomeHello, we finished the classrooms, bought the furniture and play equipment for the outdoor playground, covered the teachers’ salaries, and everything needed for a great elementary school. The classrooms were inaugurated in February 2024, with the start of the new school year. A great dream come true!

Do you also want to help Guatemalan working children out of poverty? Make a donation to our projects and set out on the road with us!